Women in the Business Arena™ EP184: Staying Motivated to Show Up in the Midst of Collective Anxiety

“That's what I think we've got to find for ourselves in this time: that thing that can hold our attention, that is stronger than the pull of whatever is happening in our world. So what is that for you? Is that a vision? Is that going inward and doing self-reflection? Is that a change in your life? What is it that will allow you to have more attention there, than on getting pulled into everything?”
- Sonya Stattmann

What do you typically do when everyone around you is feeling anxious and out of control? Some of us may go into fixing mode, while others want to withdraw. Others may scroll social media and news sites endlessly looking for more information.

There has been a lot of collective anxiety in the world this year, so we thought it would be the perfect time to shore up our self-care in the face of the world’s big issues. It can be difficult to know how to steward our energy and attention when faced with so many challenges, but we have to find ways to care for ourselves and keep our businesses running - especially if we are breadwinners for ourselves and people we love. 

“When we start to tap into that collective anxiety, we first and foremost need to turn to self-care. We need to look at: what do we need to stay grounded? Because we are of no help for all the collective anxiety and what's happening in the world if we are ungrounded, if we are not aligned, if we are in the chaos. We're of no help.”
- Sonya Stattmann

Laura and I are talking all about navigating collective anxiety in this episode and offering some practical tips for staying grounded. We talk about how to protect ourselves from burnout and social media, the fine line between staying up-to-date versus information overload, and what you should focus on in your business in times like this.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it feels so easy to shrink in the face of the world’s anxieties and issues.
  • Some of the practical things we can do to stay grounded and care for ourselves in the face of difficult times.
  • Why it is so important to remember that we get to choose what and how much information we allow into our lives.
  • How to contend with the fine line between showing up online and staying up to date, versus overconsuming media and feeling powerless as a result.
  • Ways to focus your energy and stay inspired in your business even when your work feels small compared to the world’s problems.

Resources for this Episode:

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  • Sonya Renee Taylor on "The Body is Not an Apology" from Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

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