Women in the Business Arena™ EP182: Becoming Untamed & Embracing Your True Nature

“If we were just innately ourselves - if we weren't always trying to be more, trying to operate differently than our nature, if we weren't always trying to operate outside of that wildness - our lives would be so easy. If we were just operating in our innate self all the time, it would be effortless.”
- Sonya Stattmann

Untamed has been everywhere this year and I finally picked up a copy. If you haven’t seen it, it’s Glennon Doyle’s latest book and an exploration of the ways women are suppressed by society and themselves.

This conversation lines up so well with everything we’ve been exploring lately, like intrinsic leadership, honest communication, and embracing your innermost strengths

All of these ideas boil down to one core action: freeing yourself from others’ expectations and finally stepping into your innate power.

“We as women are not allowed to be in our nature. And that conditioning starts very early on. As children we're taught to be polite, we're taught to be pretty, we're taught to look good, we're taught to act a certain way. And all of it really is about suppression. It's really about putting us in a box, taming us, making sure we fit in, making sure we serve others.”
- Sonya Stattmann 

Laura and I really dig into the idea of becoming “untamed” in this episode. We talk about our resistance to the word “wild,” how we can embrace our true nature, and how patriarchy works to keep us within predetermined boxes.

We also discuss how much time and energy we would get back if we stopped taming ourselves and finally lived according to our OWN fundamental strengths and desires. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How and why women are tamed by society early on.
  • Why the idea of becoming a “wild” woman can bring up some resistance and even fear.
  • How we limit our own power by staying tame and rejecting our true selves.
  • Why raising our consciousness around these cages is the first step toward freeing ourselves and others.
  • Why this process is ultimately about removing barriers to your true self, not seeking self-improvement or adding more to your plate.

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