Women in the Business Arena™ EP181: Using Our Triggers as Tools for Self-Reflection

“I think sometimes when I get irritated, or I’m reacting, or I’m triggered, there’s something much deeper that I’m not acknowledging. I feel angry, but maybe it’s actually that I’m hurt. Or I feel like I was rejected, or I feel like I’m not being heard. So sometimes there’s these ways in which I’m using reaction and anger to cover up what I’m actually feeling.”
– Sonya Stattmann 

This year has been full of emotional tests. On top of normal life and all its usual highs and lows, we are still navigating a global pandemic, upended routines, and changing norms around our relationships. 

We wanted to explore triggers on this week’s episode because many of us have been triggered more than usual lately. 

Maybe you are spending way more time with your family and struggling with the lack of space. Maybe you are missing your usual self-care routines and struggling with comments from co-workers. Maybe trauma from a difficult time is resurfacing and making everything tougher to handle. 

“If I can constantly own my own triggers, I can own what’s affecting me, I can own what’s happening within me, then that means I’m in charge. I think that’s a different perspective than to be like, ‘that person is doing that to me,’ and it’s all them. It doesn’t mean that other people don’t have responsibility in what’s happening, but we really have to first look at the responsibility we have in ourselves.”
– Sonya Stattmann

Laura does a beautiful job guiding much of this conversation as we define triggers and talk about what they can teach us. 

We also share a few recommendations for how to handle triggers when they arise and how to build a compassionate, reflective relationship around them. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why triggers may be coming up more often right now.
  • What a trigger actually is and how the term is frequently misused.
  • What the mirroring effect is and how it can help us use our triggers to understand ourselves.
  • How to avoid getting sucked into a blame game when you’re feeling triggered by someone else’s behavior.
  • Why we need to own our triggers and stop giving our power away to other people and circumstances.

Resources for this Episode:

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