Women in the Business Arena™ EP177: Embrace Your Natural Cycles for More Success & Freedom

“I see so many women beat themselves up and think that something's wrong with them because all of a sudden they're tired, or because they want to go inside, or because they're pulled inward. You are not broken. If you have a cycle, if you are tired, if you need to go inward, if you need something else, you are not broken. You're perfect, you are exactly what you need to be. All we need to do is honor that.”
- Sonya Stattmann

Is your business working in tandem with your natural energy cycles? Or does that sentence leave you wondering how you would do that, or why you would even want to? 

I am a big believer in following your natural rhythm in both life and business. I know that I have very distinct periods of activity and output versus periods of rest and contemplation. When I fully embrace this push and pull, I am more likely to feel grounded and work in my genius. When I get pulled out of this rhythm, it is a lot harder for me to get anything done or feel good while doing it. 

“Being cyclical is my gift. The more that I go inward, when I come out, it's so powerful. Whereas if I was trying to hold that consistency, it'd be mediocre all the time. There is this real power in cycles, but we've just never been shown that it's valuable.”
- Sonya Stattmann

All of us should embrace our own internal energy cycles and weave them into the design and operation of our businesses. I firmly believe that if we did, we would be running businesses that allow us to truly thrive while doing our best work. 

That’s what Laura and I are digging into this week as we discuss our own natural cycles and how we honor them. We also talk about how today’s business environment (and the world) tries to get us to be constantly “on” and how we can resist this pressure.  

What You’ll Learn:
Why we all have natural cycles and why many of us ignore them.
How today’s business world tries to get us to work longer hours and rest less.
Why you don’t have to always be on or available if you want to grow your business.
Some practical ways we are honoring our natural cycles within our businesses. 
Why it is unnatural to ignore the rhythms that shape our world and our lives. 

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