Women in the Business Arena™ EP176: Hire the Team that Will Take YOU to the Next Level

“That time is precious. We'd be better off just to pay someone a little bit more to handle things easier and to be a better fit for our business, so that we have free attention and we have extra resources. We don't always think that. We're kind of thinking: ‘well, this person is cheaper, and this person will be better because I don't have to spend as much money.’ But oftentimes it costs us - it costs us in energy, it costs us in frustration, it costs us in struggle. There's so many costs that don't get tied into the actual bill we're paying.”
- Sonya Stattmann

I have been making some amazing changes in my business lately, especially when it comes to building my team. I have made huge strides in the way I think about hiring. I am connecting with the people I really need in my business and getting things off my plate that I don’t want to do - and I am doing it all in a way that feels great TO ME. 

I didn’t used to feel this way about hiring at all. I thought building a team would be exhausting and time consuming, and I was worried about giving up control over every little aspect of my business. 

But as I have started to dream bigger dreams for my business, I have realized that business is NOT designed to be done alone. If I want to have the impact I know I am capable of having, I need a dream team.

“Don't try to hire like traditional people hire. So often I see women who are like, ‘Oh, I gotta hire,’ and then they look to ‘how are people doing it?’ Go with your intuition! Go with looking for things that are different. I know I have to really look at personality. Personality is a very important thing for me.”
- Sonya Stattmann

In this episode Laura and I are talking all about hiring, and not just for business but also for life. We talk about how to find the Right people instead of accepting whatever opportunities or people come our way. 

We also chat about why it is so important to hire for the things that you think are crucial, rather than following someone else’s template. 

Laura and I have been down this road many times before, so this time we are sharing with you what we are doing differently. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why women often hire the wrong people or shy away from investing in the right ones.
  • How to understand yourself and your business better to hire the person you actually need, not just whoever seems good enough.
  • Why it is okay to want to keep control over the aspects of your business that you really enjoy.
  • The obstacles solopreneurs can run into when it comes to growth and why we will eventually need to hire help.
  • Nontraditional ways to hire awesome people that align better with your business and values.

Resources for this Episode:

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