Women in the Business Arena™ EP175: Being the True CEO of Your Business

“I actually need space around me, I need to be able to see things from a bigger perspective. I need to have that eagle-eye view over my business to be able to look at, 'am I moving in the right direction? Am I holding the mission and values that I really, really want?' Because I think we have core values built inside of us, but so often our businesses are not aligned with those core values because we've been playing in this small area instead of up at the top, at the CEO level.”
- Sonya Stattmann

Do you think of yourself as the CEO of your business? I know for me “CEO” used to sound too… big. Or complicated. Or stressful. It sounded like the opposite of what I wanted my business to be. And I didn’t necessarily even think I deserved to think of myself as a CEO, since I am an introverted person who likes to keep a lot of space and time for reflection, quiet and rest. 

But recently I have been playing with the idea that I can and should see myself as the CEO of my business, and that I get to decide what that means to me. I don’t have to follow the blueprint of CEOs we see in our lives and in the media - I can be a CEO that aligns with her own values and her own strengths and so carves her own path.

“And so it took me a long time to recognize that by stepping into the CEO mindset, I'm actually stepping into creation. Like, what do I want my business to look like? It doesn't have to look like anyone else's business. It doesn't have to be any particular way. But also what is gonna make me happy? What impact do I want to have? If I could have the perfect big business, what would that look like?”
- Sonya Stattmann

I think the idea of being the CEO that YOU want to be perfectly rounds out some of the concepts we have been discussing lately including working in alignment with your strengths. Laura and I are digging into what it takes to become the CEO that you and your business really need and why we as women need to step into this kind of leadership.

I talk about why I always thought that I wanted a small business and what has changed my mind lately, and Laura shares a bit about the sheer creative power we can access when we start to think of ourselves as a true CEO. This episode could really shift some things for you!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why many of us have shrunk back into day-to-day operations during the pandemic and gotten detached from our bigger vision.
  • Why I used to think that building a bigger business meant I was signing up for more stress and complication.
  • How our self-worth relates to whether or not we see ourselves as being capable of being a CEO.
  • Why I want to show people that you can have a bigger business, be a CEO, and still hold onto your values, time and freedom.
  • Why women especially should get comfortable playing big and seeing themselves as the CEO of their business.

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