Women in the Business Arena™ EP173: Redesign Everything for Your Strengths & Forget Your Weaknesses

“I am a proponent of us designing to our strengths, not growing our weaknesses, not learning to compensate for our weaknesses, not bringing our weaknesses up, but just aligning to our strengths. Forget about your weaknesses. They're not necessary, but women are constantly taught that we need to become better, right? We need to be more and therefore we look at all of our weaknesses and we try to make them better, make them strengths.”
- Sonya Stattmann

This year has made it clear that we need to rethink so much about our lives and communities. All of us have made adjustments already, but the ongoing pandemic means we won't be going back to the way things used to be anytime soon. And I know that in a lot of ways this is scary, but I think it provides us with a huge opportunity, too.

Now is the time to dig into our deepest desires and bring them to life. Now is the time to release old patterns and make room for new ones. Now is the time to tap into our strengths without self-consciousness or fear and let go of our “weaknesses”. 

“We can do this in every area of our life. It's really you sitting there and making some time to look at what's not working right now. What old paradigm is not working? What old system is not working? What old schedule is not working, and how can I redesign it all to better serve me?”
- Sonya Stattmann

In this week’s episode Laura and I are talking all about why we need to redesign absolutely everything. We chat about how things are shifting in our own lives and businesses and why we are releasing old schedules and expectations. We’re also discussing the weight women often feel to compensate for our “weaknesses” and why we should simply focus on our strengths and ask others to help us fill in the gaps. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why now is the time to reassess and redesign everything in our lives.
  • How we are still trying to function in old ways and why we need to let those go.
  • What we can do to tap into our imaginations and bring forth what we really want and need to move forward in these times. 
  • Why we should let go of the idea that we need to compensate for our weaknesses and lean way into our strengths instead.
  • How your current business can help you figure out what your strengths are and what you should shift or release entirely. 

Resources for this Episode:

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