Women in the Business Arena™ EP171: To Make More Money, You Must Embrace Ease

“You need to really know what your strengths are. You can call it a number of things: your essential self, your genius, your lane. There's all these ways you can frame it. But what it is, is just an understanding of how you best operate. Who you are naturally, not who you've trained yourself to be, not who your dad trained you to be, not who your boss trained you to be, but who you are at your most easy self. That's the genius that we're talking about. Not what you've learned to do that someone's paid you for, but what is actually so easy, you could do it every day all day long and never be exhausted.”
- Sonya Stattmann

We are brought up to believe that we are not worthy in our ease.

As I was chatting with Laura this week for the podcast, that phrase leapt out at both of us. I think it is a perfect description of the default mindset so many of us are using to run our businesses. We think that our relaxation and ease are worthless and that we are only worthy when we are working ourselves to the bone to earn every penny.

This scarcity mindset is instilled in many of us when we are young and reinforced as we grow up. But when we hustle like this, we cut ourselves off from some of the most vital forces in our lives: our capacity to imagine, to create, to innovate and to connect. 

“We think we have to do everything. We think we have to carry burden and emotional labor, and over-own and over-deliver in order to finally be valued. And that's the patriarchal systems I'm talking about; we are brought up to believe that we are not worthy in our ease. We're only worthy once we jump through a million hoops, once we get past that bar.” - Sonya Stattmann

In this conversation, Laura and I talk about why we need to stop over-owning in our businesses and focus on our zones of genius. We discuss the impact of hustle on our brains and bodies and why ease is the antidote for so many of the problems we face as entrepreneurs. 

I also share how I have been experimenting with creating a whole new offering from a place of ease and delegating the things that are not my strengths. And we both offer some tips for finding wisdom in your body so that you can start creating from your most essential self and stop working so hard to believe that you are worthy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why so many people default to a scarcity mindset around money and their intrinsic worth.
  • Why hustling to feel worthy is such a difficult cycle to break.
  • How the habit of overworking limits our creative potential, which is one of our most potent tools as entrepreneurs.
  • What it’s like to create an offering from a place of lightness and ease rather than over-owning and stress.
  • How to figure out which things are really in your zone of genius and which you’ve just gotten really good at over the years.

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