Women in the Business Arena™ EP170: STOP Overcomplicating Your Business and Life

“Running a business does not have to be hard and it does not have to be complicated. It does take grit, but the reason it takes grit is because we have to work through our own crap, right? Like that's the real truth. 10% of a successful business is about structures, marketing, sales, even what you're selling. 90% is about the way you think about things.” - Sonya Stattmann

Lately I have found that I have a bit of a bone to pick in the online business world. I have been in business for several decades now and I have seen quite a few marketing trends and strategies come and go. But one that has been really persistent has been the layered, ladder-like approach that so many online business experts and marketers have been selling to people for years. 

If you haven’t tried this tactic yourself, you have undoubtedly seen it. Entrepreneurs try to get customers to buy their most expensive offerings by walking them through a funnel - a ladder of small products or services that get progressively bigger and pricier as you ascend. This approach is not only tired, but it is off-base for so many of the people it is being sold to. It doesn’t promote ease or connection - it just fosters confusion and is a waste of time for you and your customer.

“And so when we don't trust ourselves, we have to trust someone else. And so then we go find someone, we pay them, we look for the gurus, we look for the people who will definitely sell their products to us because that's their job. That's where they're making money. We trust them to tell us what to do and we let go of our sovereignty. We let go of our power, we let go of the uniqueness and the innovativeness of what we have to bring to the table by relying on someone else to tell us how to do it.” - Sonya Stattmann

In this episode Laura and I are talking about how business has gotten so complicated and how people make money when they make things harder than they need to be. We discuss marketing and why small businesses don’t need to borrow big companies’ tactics, and we chat about how we can create more ease and simplicity in our businesses.

We also talk about why we need to trust ourselves if we want to innovate and fulfill our true purpose for being in business. And finally we share some tips for slowing things down and stripping back to the essentials in your business. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • The origins of the super-layered marketing approach that you’re seeing everywhere (and are probably sick of).
  • Why your best customers will never be the ones to sign up for your freebies or funnels. 
  • Why so many of us have overcomplicated our businesses and how we can stop.
  • What truly successful long-term entrepreneurs do that all the marketing gurus in the world won’t tell you.
  • How you can start to simplify your business and reconnect to why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. 

Resources for this Episode:

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