Women in the Business Arena™ EP169: Aligning the Definition of Wealth with Your Deepest Values

“What I've really challenged a lot of people in my life to do lately is to redefine wealth according to your values. What are you going to do with your wealth? What do you do with your time? What do you invest in? Who do you bring into your business? Are you going to bring someone who doesn't serve you? Or are you going to bring in an amazing team that you can pay well, that you can support? Are we going to lift women up? Are we going to contribute to charities? Are we going to inject our wealth into the world in alignment with our values? That is the kind of change we have to make in redefining wealth.” - Sonya Stattmann

I have been playing with such a juicy, interesting concept lately. I have really been diving into the idea of a wealth mindset versus a scarcity mindset for myself and with my clients. Laura and I have talked about this on the podcast before, and many other people talk about it too. But lately I have felt especially called to redefine my definition of wealth so that I can step into my power and capacity to shift things in the world. 

I grew up witnessing two pretty opposite and extreme mindsets around wealth. One was to make a lot of money and to spend it mostly on oneself. The other was to not make too much money and to give away any excess. So I have been processing and redefining what wealth means to me for a long time, and trying to understand how my own story about abundance versus scarcity has shaped my approach to life and business.

“When I was looking at redefining my version of wealth, what I really looked at is: it is self plus others. If I have wealth, I can do both. If I have wealth, I can receive it. I can serve myself in a loving and beautiful way. And I can really, really serve the world as well.” - Sonya Stattmann

Laura and I wanted to explore some of the ideas and expectations around wealth and dig into different approaches to abundance in this week’s episode. We are talking about money - we can’t just think about wealth in terms of spiritual wealth or having a wealth of love. How we relate to money is intrinsically tied to how we value ourselves, our businesses, and our contributions to the world. 

We chat about some of the practical things we have been playing with to broaden our definition of wealth too, including some of the questions we have been asking ourselves, why you should surround yourself with people who have abundant mindsets, and how to start noticing the abundance/scarcity lens you are applying every day. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it is important to examine the systemic things we are taught about money, wealth, and saving.
  • How our approach to spending and wealth reflects our self-perceptions of our worthiness.
  • How our wealth or scarcity mindset can trickle down into our businesses. 
  • Why we need to really face up to our stories and ideas about wealth so we can completely redefine them.
  • Why we need to examine the circles we’re moving in and whether people around us are operating in an abundance or scarcity mindset.

Resources for this Episode:

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