Women in the Business Arena™ EP168: Cracking Illusion to Get to the Truth

“You can't think yourself out of this one. You can't conceptualize yourself. You need to feel the wound. You need to feel the contribution. You need to feel the change. And I think when we do that, when we allow the feelings to pour through, then we're able to make real changes in the world.” - Sonya Stattmann

How are you feeling this week? Lately I have been reflecting a lot on the many shifts our world is going through. I have been learning and integrating so much, some days it has felt like I have completely reshuffled my brain, body and being in light of all that I have realized in the past few months. I have been attending to the cracks opening up within myself so that I can be present with the cracks that are opening up in the world. 

For those of us with a variety of privileges, there has been a pretty veneer covering up the racism, sexism, and other inequalities that are reality for so many people. But lately it feels like there are cracks developing in that illusion and the truth is shining through. We are being called to address the cracks in ourselves and the cracks in our society so that we can all build and live into a better future.

“What we're cracking is our illusion, right? What we're cracking is the pretty veneer we've kept above all of this inequality, all of this racism, all of this sexism, all of the ways we've denied the rights of so many people. There's this really interesting thing that we've glossed over. And now there's a crack to truth, right? And it's uncomfortable truth, and it's wounded truth, and it's painful truth for all of us.” - Sonya Stattmann

This week Laura and I wanted to create space to talk about some of these changes and how we are embracing the ways things are cracking open. We talk about the ongoing work to address racism in our society and our work, how we are navigating this time with our families, and why we can’t miss this opportunity to make both micro and macro change. 

We also talk about what we can actually do - from examining our own thoughts and beliefs, to having courageous, candid conversations, to being brave enough to keep learning and facing the truth. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How we are thinking about, feeling, and integrating the many changes the world is currently going through.
  • Some of the cracks we are having to acknowledge in our world, including cracks in our sense of security due to COVID, in our sense of justice in light of racism, and in the need for new leadership.
  • How we are grappling with these truths in our own families and interior lives. 
  • Why this moment is an incredible opportunity for us to use our skills and tools to heal the world’s wounds and move forward together.
  • Where we can start doing this work and why our feelings are such a central component of healing.
  • Why we can’t change the structures of our world without changing our thinking and our feelings first.

Resources for this Episode:

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