Women in the Business Arena™ EP167: Reversing Gender Roles in Work & Family with special guest Ed Stattmann

“Oftentimes, we want our partners to hold us when we're having the ups and downs, especially like the journey of business, right? Because we're experiencing lots of ups and downs and that can seem really crazy. Well, I think this process for our partners is like that. Sometimes we have to hold them in their uncomfortableness or in their anger or in their happiness. There's this dramatic sort of swing of emotions that I think can happen with men, especially when they're transitioning into a totally different identity, a totally different role that they may not feel as confident to play.” - Sonya Stattmann

I think it is safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much in our society, from the individual and family realm all the way up to the global level.

One of the things that has really shifted is the distribution of work and childcare within families. Some people have lost their jobs, others have been put on temporary furlough, and others have transitioned to working at home. Almost every family is navigating some new work situation, and this affects family life too. 

I have heard from quite a few women that they feel this is their time to step up. They want to take a bigger role in generating income for their families but aren’t sure how to discuss with this their partners or handle the shift. So I thought my husband Ed and I could share a bit about our experience.

“The way that I see our family is we are a team. And so it doesn't matter who's making the money or who's not making the money, or who's watching the kids - we're a team, and we have to create the alignment of the way everyone's needs get met within that team. But I think as long as we hold it that way, it's really, really powerful. Someday I may pass the baton to Ed and he might work again. I mean, we don't know where that team effort will be. It's just about us aligning every moment with each other as a family to decide where does the family want to go? How can we all get our needs met, our vision met, where do we want to go together? And what's the best way to play out that role in each of those circumstances?” - Sonya Stattmann

In this episode I’m chatting with a special guest, my husband Ed Stattmann, about how and why we shifted the patterns of work and childcare in our family. While we were not in this situation because of a pandemic at the time, we were pushed to make this shift quicker than we might have otherwise done - and learned some valuable lessons from that transition. 

Ed and I talk about the identity shift he went through, how you can hold your partner in this challenging but exciting process, and how to approach these conversations with your partner. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why now is a good time to explore shifting the work and domestic roles in your family.
  • What it was like for Ed to have to completely shift his identity and take up more responsibilities domestically.
  • How you can support your partner to thrive in their new role.
  • Why open communication, patience and compassion are all essential for these kinds of big family transitions.
  • Ideas for framing these conversations with your partner and having an honest conversation.

Resources for this Episode:

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