Women in the Business Arena™ EP162: Find Clarity for Yourself & Your Business

“So many people come to me wanting their business growth. And that's all great and good, but you can't build on something if there's no clarity. So the first step is unpacking, the first step is discreating, and the first step is removing blocks, so that you have a clean slate and a beautiful clear vision to build on. But I feel that a lot of business programs and business coaches and people doing this work, they skip this step. And guess what? They spend years building, tearing down, building, tearing down, building, tearing down - because they never created on that clear foundation.” - Sonya Stattmann

How are you feeling this week? I know we’ve been dealing with varying degrees of this pandemic and all the things it’s brought up for a couple months now. I hope you can create some time and space today for calm and quiet so you can check in with yourself about what you need. 

When we check in with ourselves like this we often uncover a sense of clarity about whatever is going on in our lives - emotionally, physically, and even for our businesses. I think a lot of people believe that clarity is something external that we have to go out and hunt down. But I believe - and have experienced - that there is always clarity within. Accessing it is more about removing the obstacles than “creating” clarity.

“Clarity comes from within. Nothing anybody can tell you is going to bring about that clarity. I think that there are some of us who are master facilitators of helping people to get to that clarity. But we're not defining things for you. We might be offering a perspective, but it's really about your internal awakening, your awareness, your understanding, your wisdom - that's the only place clarity can come from.” - Sonya Stattmann

This week on the podcast Laura and I are diving into the topic of clarity and how to uncover it within ourselves. We talk about examining our patterns and habits and why it’s so important to understand how we may be blocking ourselves from finding clarity.

We also discuss the fact that getting clarity is a journey - not a destination - and why we have to be willing to go through difficult, sometimes painful transformations if we want to get to the next level. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why a business coach or program won’t be able to GIVE you clarity. 
  • Why we need to examine our patterns in our relationships and our business to get more clear about what we need.
  • How to keep working through the hard parts of your transformation so you can experience the relief of real clarity.
  • Why you need a support team as you do the work to remove obstacles from your vision.
  • How entrepreneurs are perfectly placed to forecast into the future and get clear on what needs to happen next. 

Resources for this Episode:

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