Women in the Business Arena™ EP161: Learn to Tap Into - and Trust - Your Intuition

“From the masculine lens, from what we’ve been taught, we’re really looking out at the world to get confirmation. We’re looking out at the world to know what’s true. So whether we’re looking to someone else to give us the truth, looking to scientists, to science, to logic - we’re looking outside of ourselves for what is true. Whereas intuition is really looking inside of yourself for what is true, and it doesn’t matter if anyone else confirms it; it’s your intuition, your compass, your internal wisdom. And there may be no one else that feels it the way you do, and it doesn’t make it less true.”- Sonya Stattmann

Intuition can be a somewhat tricky topic to talk about in the world of business. The idea of understanding and listening to your inner voice doesn’t exactly gel with our culture’s super data-driven approach to work. Intuition has been written off as a tool for understanding ourselves, our motivations and our decisions, and women have often borne the brunt of this devaluing.

Although we are taught to look to the external world for validation about what is right and true, intuition persists. It is the little voice in your head (or maybe your heart or your gut) that warns you sometimes, encourages you in others, and keeps you moving forward in hard times. I see women (and men) everywhere craving a deeper connection to that unique inner wisdom that each of us is born with.

“We do confuse the positive things and we think that excitement and thrill and adrenaline can be that place of intuition. But it is so much more expansive and grounded when we’re actually experiencing our wisdom and intuition.” - Sonya Stattmann

Laura and I wanted to do a deep dive into intuition this week because so many of us want to learn to trust ourselves again. We talk about some of the trauma that you may have around intuition if you struggle to trust your gut, and we offer some practical tips and suggestions for strengthening your connection with your inner voice.

We also talk about some of the common mistakes people make when trying to tap into their intuition and why we think stillness is one of the hallmarks of your truest inner wisdom.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why so many people struggle to trust their intuition, even if they want to.
  • How each of us expresses and feels our intuition differently, both in body and mind.
  • Some of the things you can do to uncover your inner voice again and start to get to know it.
  • Why it is easy to confuse big emotions like fear or excitement with intuition and how to navigate those moments with stillness and calm.
  • Why you need to truly have your own back if you want to learn to trust your intuition.

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