Women in the Business Arena™ EP156: Adjusting Our Capacity for Family, Work, and Self-Care

How are you holding up out there, parents? Laura and I have been chatting lately about how our parenting has been affected by everything going on with COVID-19, our reshuffled work routines, and our increased family time at home. As parents, we are facing some big challenges, but I know that we are capable of meeting them. It takes some creativity and some self-compassion, but we are absolutely capable of moving through this time with our families. 

As with most things, we need to start with ourselves and what we need. Do you need more help from your partner? Do you need to let your boss know that you’re changing your work hours? Do you need to set boundaries around quiet time for yourself and ask the rest of your family to step up?

“Even if it's not navigating the kids, or navigating my clients, in so many ways I need so much more processing time, so much more space. I cannot hold as many clients as I used to hold in a day. It's just not possible. And it's not like technically my work situation has changed. I'm still at home, I'm still online, I'm still doing the same things I've been doing. But I don't have the capacity in this environment to hold things in the way that I used to, and I’m giving myself permission to honor that, to stretch things out, to simplify things, to just get less done.” - Sonya Stattmann

In this episode Laura and I are discussing how our capacity has changed as the world around us has shifted. We talk about the ways we’re asking our families to band together, why women can’t shoulder the burden of work and family by themselves, and what roles we are letting go of as parents. (I don’t know about you all, but my husband and I know we’re not great homeschool teachers. So we’re letting that go!)

We also chat about how to release the pressure and how to continue to carve out little pockets of time for yourself. And we discuss letting our kids process their emotions about everything going on, too. You’re doing great, parents - we see you, we hear you, and we feel you! <3

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help as parents right now.
  • How our family and work lives are blending together in new (and sometimes challenging) ways. 
  • What you can do to release the pressure that builds up from being home all day during self-isolation. 
  • How to hold space for your kids to process their emotions about changed routines, less time with friends, and no school. 
  • Why we have to get comfortable letting go of some of the structures we are used to having. 

Resources for this Episode:

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  • Glo Yoga 

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