Women in the Business Arena™ EP154: Navigating Disrupted Patterns in Life and Business

“It's 100% okay wherever you're at in this process, however you're responding, whatever you're navigating and dealing with. We're not in any way saying you should deny the feelings that you have, whether that's anger, or sadness, or fear, or uncertainty - all of those things are absolutely normal. It is completely okay to be wherever you are, to feel whatever you feel. And also: the beauty of our being is that we can make choices that allow us to move in different directions. And so we can choose the path of more deliberateness, of slowing down, of getting centered, of recognizing where we're at and coming from a place that is more responsive than reactive.” - Sonya Stattmann

How are you doing this week, everyone? How are you adjusting to the many changes we’re all experiencing, both on a household level and on a collective, societal level? There is a lot happening, and Laura and I know that there is a strong desire to run out and help (as well as a very tempting 24-hour news cycle to keep up with). 

Today we wanted to do what we do best: zoom out and try to understand how the developing situation with the coronavirus is affecting our bodies, our psychologies, our purpose, and our ways of being in the world. We wanted to take a step back from first-responder mode and look at how we hold space for our emotions and our minds at a time like this.

“It is information overload. And we already have so much information in our body that needs to be addressed, much less taking in more. I think this is where we have to really assess, what are we receiving, what do we deliberately want to be a part of? And can we slow down and get back into our bodies, so that we even know what we actually need?” - Sonya Stattmann

Laura and I dive into how we are navigating the current situation and caring for ourselves and our families while this all develops. We talk about using tools like meditation and time in nature to reconnect with, ground and calm ourselves before serving others. 

We also talk about the need to unplug from information overload, how we can support our local communities right now, and why we need to be in touch with our own inner wisdom more than ever. I hope this discussion gives you any permission you might need to slow things down and process everything you might be feeling. <3 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why we need to make sure we care for ourselves first if we want to serve others.
  • How action can make us feel more in control of a big and scary situation.
  • How COVID-19 is disrupting patterns around the world and forcing us all to slow down and take stock.
  • Why we shouldn’t just transition our lives online as if nothing has changed.
  • Ways to get grounded and temporarily unplug from all the news that might feel overwhelming.
  • How we can support others at this time by looking to our local communities and already-established relationships.

Resources for this Episode:

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