Women in the Business Arena™ EP150: (Part 2) Operating Your Business in Your Feminine Power

“We are taught from such a young age as women that we don't have the expertise, that we don't know enough, that we can't trust ourselves because our emotions are not trustworthy, our feelings are not trustworthy, our intuition is not trustworthy. All of that is just, you know, imaginary. You know, all of these things are constantly fed to us that all these feelings we have are not concrete enough to be real. They're not rational enough. Therefore, you should dismiss them.” - Sonya Stattmann 

When you’re going about your day and ticking things off your business to do list, do you pause to check in with your intuition? What about when you’re hiring someone to help you in your business. Are you doing it from a place of power, or because you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing and need to be told what to do?

These are just a couple areas where bringing a more feminine approach to our businesses can help us feel more confident and grounded. And when we feel confident and grounded in our work, we’re going to make better decisions and create a lot more success.

“The beauty about operating in the feminine is we are prioritizing the feminine, which means we're prioritizing space. We're prioritizing flow. We're prioritizing connection, nurturing; we're prioritizing our wisdom. We're prioritizing all of that and we're placing the masculine in its proper place, which is to then complete actions. But the actions have been decided and determined by our feminine.” - Sonya Stattmann 

I hope you caught last week’s podcast episode all about bringing a more feminine lens to business. This week, Laura and I are building on that discussion and offering you some practical tips and strategies for integrating the feminine into the way you run your business every single day. 

We talk about the balance of masculine and feminine energies in business and why trusting yourself is at the core of this process. We also share some of our favorite ways to check in with the feminine as we work, including how to hire from a place of power and self-compassion and how to stay mindful of time with a more feminine lens.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How we can actually integrate a feminine approach into our businesses.
  • The proper place for masculine energy in a feminine-led business model.
  • Why we should seek out support from a position of self-compassion and connection, rather than a lack of confidence in our ability to run our business.
  • How to carve out time each week to follow what your intuition knows you need to show up wholly in your life and business
  • Why it’s important to be mindful of old patterns when they resurface and how we can gently direct our mindset back to this new feminine approach.

Resources for this Episode:

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