Women in the Business Arena™ EP147: Don’t Chase Satisfaction - Choose It

“What would we create from a state of satisfaction versus a state of dissatisfaction? Most of us are striving for something to make us whole. We're looking for this outside thing, like if we create enough money, if we contribute enough in the world, if we have enough impact, if we do all these things, we'll finally be worthy; we'll be valuable; we'll be validated. We're creating from not being good enough. But what would we create if we were already in a state of satisfaction? What would I create just from inspiration?” - Sonya Stattmann

The idea of satisfaction has been on my mind quite a lot lately. I feel like so many of us go around in a state of dissatisfaction a lot of the time, but I don’t think we are doing it on purpose. I think we get a lot of messages that encourage us to be dissatisfied with our lives, our bodies, how much money we make, how we run our businesses. This can be especially true for entrepreneurs, who live in the perpetual start-up culture of business ownership.

But I’ve been playing with the idea lately of satisfaction as a state of being, rather than as something to achieve. Instead of thinking of how I can *make* myself satisfied, I’m choosing to feel satisfied exactly where and how I am. 

“We have a choice. Every day we can wake up and we can decide that we're going to be satisfied. If we really look at how to shift our practice of asking ‘how am I dissatisfied?’ to a state of mind that says ‘I am satisfied,’ that would change everything.” - Sonya Stattmann

When we choose to feel satisfied, we can access our creativity and wisdom from a place of peace, gratitude, and gentleness. We don’t have to participate in the parts of our culture that constantly ask us to go harder, bigger, faster. 

In this week’s episode Laura and I are diving into this topic and how we can access satisfaction as a state of being rather than as a goal to achieve. We talk about why a gratitude practice is such a great way to shift into this mindset, how being satisfied positively impacts everyone around us, and how to define your own version of success. This is a really interesting topic with lots of applications to your life and business. 

What would you create if you felt satisfied with yourself exactly as you are?

What You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between chasing satisfaction versus being in a state of satisfaction.
  • How our culture conditions us to be in a constant state of dissatisfaction.
  • Why choosing a state of satisfaction produces peace and joy for us, but also for other people around us. 
  • How we can tap into gratitude with regular practices that will also help us reclaim our sense of satisfaction.
  • Why choosing satisfaction is also about self-compassion and self-acceptance.

Resources for this Episode:

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