Women in the Business Arena™ EP145: How to Find Your Unique Definition of Balance

“Balance is a feeling. We have to use our framework for balance and our definition of balance. We have to start with what that feels like for us.” - Sonya Stattmann

We hear so much about work-life balance, especially in the world of entrepreneurship. It feels like there’s a message from society that we need to have a perfect 50/50 split between work and the rest of our lives. But this doesn’t work for a lot of people, and we end up feeling even more out of balance because we’re trying to apply someone else’s framework to our lives.

Balance ebbs and flows, just like the rest of life. We need to go with our own flow, and understand that sometimes we’ll feel more balanced than others. We’re better off getting in touch with ourselves and recalibrating however we need to, rather than trying to achieve “balance” the way that other people do. 

“You have to decide that you're going to choose balance, because we can keep giving in to the patterns that tell us we can't slow down. But rarely is it a reality that we can't take some time to evaluate, to make changes, to decide different things. It's more a perception that we can't stop, a perception that we have to keep going. And so we have to address that perception by making a choice to stop, by making a choice to slow down.” - Sonya Stattmann

Balance isn’t a destination or another thing to check off our to-do list. It’s a feeling, and it’s unique to each of us. So it’s important that we get really honest with ourselves about what we need if we’re going to maintain our own personal sense of balance.

In this week’s episode, Laura and I are talking all about balance and why it’s important to come up with your own unique version of it. We’re chatting about why we can’t try to put someone else’s framework for balance onto our lives and how to figure out if you’re out of balance in the first place. And we share some of the small things that we do to get back to balance and help us maintain our sense of groundedness even when things get busy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why balance is actually about what we feel, not a perfect 50/50 split of work and life.
  • What to ask yourself to figure out what you need to feel more balanced.
  • How to catch yourself when you’re feeling out of balance and course correct before you get off track.
  • Why you don’t have to change your whole environment to create a little more balance. 
  • How to work with the natural ebb and flow of work and life that will affect your balance.

Resources for this Episode:

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