Women in the Business Arena™ EP141: Charging the New Year & Setting Aligned Goals

“So much energy can come with the new year. It’s about charging it, so we can really play with that energy in a different way than setting lofty goals and self-criticizing.” - Laura Shook-Guzman

Happy (almost) New Year! You’ve basically made it through the holidays now, and we’re almost ready to say hello to a fresh new year in life and business. If you haven’t done any goal setting for 2020 yet, this episode will help you make some headway and it will help you set goals that are much more aligned with who you really are. 

If you can set aside some time this week to not only think up your goals but to really embody them, you’ll be setting yourself up for a strong start to the year. Laura and I have found through our own self-development (and with the many women we’ve worked with) that embodiment is a key factor in whether or not our goals are achieved or left by the wayside. You have to charge up all your energy, mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual if you really want to create some amazing shifts.

“When we drill down, it’s not about the money. It doesn’t have any embodiment to it. Freedom has a sensation. If you can follow that freedom, that’s going to get you much further along.” - Sonya Stattmann

When we truly embody our goals, we’re less likely to set goals that are solely driven by external factors (like money). Bringing our goals into our physical awareness means they’re probably going to resonate with the things we’re really craving: stability, freedom, space, love, belonging, etcetera. 

Laura and I are digging into this wonderful idea in this week’s episode of the podcast and giving you some practical tips for embodiment too. We also talk about why we need to be really honest with ourselves about what we want and stop running away from the things we fear. We hope you can create some time to charge up your own inner light as 2019 draws to a close!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why our results are so different when we embody a goal rather than just think about it.
  • What we mean by “embodiment” and how you can practice it with your goals.
  • How embodying scarcity will only bring more of it, even if we try to run away.
  • Why our goals need to be aligned with our internal wants and needs, not any external measurements.
  • Tips for creating space and charging your own inner light.

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