Women in the Business Arena™ EP136: Uncovering Your Purpose and Mission with Belinda Haan

“We have to move from that place of needing the validation from outside of ourselves, being driven by that need to fulfill something, that need to achieve, that need to be valued outside of ourselves - to that place of truly valuing ourselves just as we are, in all of our imperfection, in all of our amazingness, and no longer looking outside ourselves for that validation.” - Sonya Stattmann

We all want to create a business that aligns with what we want to do, who we are, and our vision for life. That’s why all of us are entrepreneurs in the first place - the freedom to build something that fits our lives and makes an impact on the people around us is a huge draw to starting your own business. 

But I see many women in the business arena who are afraid to ask themselves what they really want. So many of them think they know what they want their business to do, and they have an idea of who they “should” be and how their business “should” look. But often their ideas are misaligned with who they really are and what they’re here to do in this world. 

“Once I let go of who I thought I should be, I could create the space and the visioning around, well, who am I really? If I let go of all the rules, what is my purpose?” - Belinda Haan 

Letting go of the need for external validation and embracing what we really want to do is a huge key to building a business that’s impactful, sustainable, and supportive. We’ve got to shift towards internal acceptance and trust in ourselves to find that path that we’re truly called to, in life and in work. 

And here to speak about this topic on this week’s episode is a special guest: my amazing client, Belinda Haan! Belinda has had some really big breakthroughs this year in her business, and I wanted to have her on the podcast to talk about the shifts she’s experienced and the success she’s created. 

Belinda and I chat about the changes she’s made in her business over the past year, how her mindset around creation has shifted, and why she feels like she’s making decisions from a more intuitive place than ever before. We also talk about why it can be so hard for women to shake off all of the labels that society gives them and tune into what they really want. And we also discuss the inevitable self-development that occurs when you build a business.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why women can have a hard time knowing what they really want from their businesses. 
  • How to make space for who you really are in your business and break through the glass ceilings that are holding you back.
  • Why building a business is one of the biggest self-development tasks you can ever undertake. 
  • What happens to our motivation when we seek external validation versus what happens when we accept ourselves internally first and foremost. 
  • Why it’s so important to have a coach or community that can hold space for you as you go through your self-development journey.
  • How Belinda’s shifted approach to her business has allowed her to start making decisions from a more aligned and intuitive place. 

Resources for this Episode:

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