Women in the Business Arena™ EP134: Deconstructing Stress and Removing it From Life & Business

“Like is anybody really going to be harmed? Am I going to die, is my child? No. Somebody’s going to be disappointed, and that might be stressing me out. Something might be not completed, and I feel stress about that. But it’s our story about what that means about us, about our value, about our meaning, about our success - that’s where we start to get really stressed. And so I find that I do have to stop in those moments and ask myself what’s really true, how stressful is this really.” - Laura Shook-Guzman 

Do you ever feel like stress is an epidemic in our society? I know Laura and I do, and we help our clients deal with stress all the time (in addition to managing it in our own lives). 

We wanted to explore the topic of stress this week to see if we could deconstruct it, understand it better, and talk about how to navigate it in both business and our personal lives. Laura and I have both found that some of our most stressful moments aren’t necessarily caused by what’s going on externally, but are actually fueled by what’s going on in our minds. 

“Oftentimes what’s being triggered is some of our greatest, deepest fears. Fears that we won’t be loved. Fears that we’re not good enough. That’s what’s usually being triggered in the moments of our greatest stress. And if we can understand those triggers, and we can have compassion with ourselves, I think that really shifts our experience with stress.” - Sonya Stattmann

Stress lives in the body, too, and it’s important to know what you can do in the moment to ground yourself and bring yourself back to reality - which is hardly ever as bad as we might think. And even if you are in the middle of an especially difficult, heart-breaking, or scary time, you can practice trusting yourself to handle whatever it is that comes your way.

In this episode we’re talking all about stress, what drives it, and what we can do to bring ourselves out of stress mode. We touch on the internal and external causes of stress and share some of our tips for slowing down. And we talk about how you can build up trust in your capacity to make decisions and adapt to any situation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s useful to give ourselves a reality check when we are stressed out.
  • How to ground yourself in a stressful moment and recognize whether or not you need to be as stressed as you are. 
  • How to understand stress as a fear of consequences, and how this can help free you.
  • Why we have practice trusting ourselves to handle whatever consequences or events that might come our way.
  • How you can step out of the dominant lens you look through and consider stress from a new angle. 

Resources for this Episode:

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