Women in the Business Arena™ EP133: Finding the Time to Network & Grow

“As women, as mothers, as business owners, how do we really do it all? And specifically, in the day-to-day of our lives and our businesses, how do we do the extra things? The growth things? The networking things? The building our business things?”  – Sonya Stattmann

There are so many incredible entrepreneurs, networking events, and get-togethers going on in the business world on any given day. You would be forgiven for feeling a bit of FOMO when you can’t go to one, either because you have other things to do (carpool, soccer practice, dinnertime… we could go on) or because you’re just too tired. This can be especially true for entrepreneurial moms, who work hard to balance family, business building, personal growth, and their relationships, too. Where on earth can we find time to GROW our businesses, when we have so much else going on?

It’s so important to normalize the fact that it isn’t easy to manage your time and fit everything in. If you’re struggling to do it all, you are so not alone. There are some serious structural and cultural obstacles in the way of women’s full inclusion in the business arena. But instead of only talking about those difficulties today, we wanted to touch on some useful strategies for reclaiming your time, too.

“The energy that you reclaim when you start to prune off the dead branches – like the things that you’ve been doing in your business forever, but for the most part don’t have life in them anymore. And by even just cutting things off, then you will have more energy and more time. And then looking at what’s working and how you can make it more efficient and more streamlined. It’s completely flipping the script – let’s go more simple instead of going bigger. And that is growth, people!”– Laura Shook-Guzman

On this week’s episode, we’re chatting about the challenges that come from balancing life and work and what we can do to add growth into that mix. Laura and I talk about some of the things that make it hard for us to incorporate regular business growth into our days, and how we can shift our perspective on time and productivity to better align with our commitments. 

We also discuss how we can streamline what we do day-to-day in our businesses to take back some of our time. And, as always, we talk about where you and your personal time for recharging fit into all of this. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s okay to not be perfectly managing all of your time.
  • How it can be more difficult for introverts to do business in our extroverted business culture.
  • Strategies for fitting in networking and growth in a way that’s sustainable and schedule-friendly.
  • Why we should reconsider the idea of growth in general and think about growing more incrementally.
  • How streamlining what your business does and how it operates can help you free up more time.
  • Why you shouldn’t feel bad if you aren’t fitting in tons of networking, events, and massive growth projects. 

Resources for this Episode:

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