Women in the Business Arena™ EP132: Facing Discouragement & Rising Again

“There are certain times – when we’re depleted, when we’re tired, when we’re stressed – when we’re in more vulnerable positions physically, mentally, or emotionally, that we’re more subjected to an environment for discouragement.” – Sonya Stattmann 

Building and running your own business is a rocky journey. The truth is, we all feel discouraged sometimes. If you have ever felt like throwing in the towel, our podcast episode this week is for you. Maybe you’re struggling to find clients right now and it feels like it is all too hard, or maybe you just feel discouraged because you can’t find the time to get everything done. 

I think we all feel those ups and downs, but what do we do when discouragement hits us hard? There is a way to respond to that feeling rather than react, and a way to rise up when we are feeling down.

“A part of the journey is going to be that it shakes you up a little bit, it makes you feel unsure, it’s pushing a little bit at you. And that just means that you’re in the arena. Trust yourself with that – say, ‘I can handle this. I can sit in this day of feeling discouraged and uncomfortable. It’s not going to be the end of me. Let me just trust myself to have the capacity to sit and feel until it passes.’ And it will pass, because it’s an energetic shift and it’s not a permanent state.” – Laura Shook-Guzman

This week Laura is back with us (yay!) and we’re talking all about discouragement. We’re discussing times we’ve felt discouraged, how to deal with this feeling more easily, and what it can teach us about ourselves & our businesses. 

We also chat about how to remember that discouragement is a temporary feeling, how issues in other areas of life can affect how we feel about our work, and why it’s important to acknowledge your emotions (rather than bury them).

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why discouragement can be especially challenging when we’re pursuing goals we’re super passionate about. 
  • How we buy into our discouragement when we’re feeling down, or prolong it by comparing ourselves unfairly to others.
  • Questions we can ask ourselves when we feel discouraged, including “What is the story this emotion is trying to tell me?”
  • How awareness of our emotions can help us contend with them more easily. 
  • Why going with the flow of your energy and accepting that you’ll feel discouraged occasionally can help normalize what we go through as entrepreneurs.
  • How women are often pulled into a falsely cheerful role, when we could really be validating each other in more supportive ways.

Resources for this Episode:

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