Women in the Business Arena™ EP131: Organization and Productivity That’s Tailored to YOU, Not Everyone Else

“I never give myself more than three focuses, priorities, or projects in a month. Because honestly, we’re all trying to do too much. And even when I give myself three projects or priorities, sometimes I still don’t get those three things done. You really want to make sure you’re minimizing what you’re trying to accomplish so that you can really focus.” – Sonya Stattmann

The mile-long to-do list. This is a frighteningly common experience that strikes terror and apprehension into the heart of many an entrepreneur. In part, a long to-do list comes with the territory of running your own business; you’re responsible for every aspect of growth, marketing, service, etcetera. But your to-do list also needs to be organized and tackled in a way that honors your unique energy flow, personality, and work style. 

I see so many people trying to adopt other people’s organizational systems or productivity hacks. I tried this for a long time, but I started experiencing way more flow in my business when I started to honor my own personality and needs first and foremost. Now, instead of working in a masculine, do-do-do style, I take an approach that’s more aligned with the feminine. I carve out lots of time and space for thinking, journaling, and resting. And this is achievable because I’ve found a way to organize & plan my time in a way that works spectacularly well for me.  

“We have to design our lives – our time, our organization, how we work – from who we are. And so often what I see is that people are trying to use other people’s techniques or strategies or tips to create something that’s not aligned with who they are, and it’s not gonna work. We can’t force ourselves into a box. If we learn to flow with our really natural energy and who we are innately, it allows for way more efficiency.” – Sonya Stattmann 

I’m flying solo on the podcast this week, so I thought I would talk about something people ask me about all the time: how I stay efficient, productive, happy, AND grounded. If that sounds like an impossible combination, this episode is definitely for you. 

I’ll talk about how I figured out what it was that I needed to support my productivity and energy. I’ll also share some tips and tools that I find useful – including journaling – for connecting to my most creative and productive essence. And I’ll cover some of the more concrete planning strategies I use, too. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why trying to fit into other people’s boxes will make you less efficient and productive.
  • How to get to know yourself and your needs better so you can do your best work.   
  • Some of the practices & habits I use to support my need for space, time, and integration. 
  • Strategies you can test out and tweak so you can run a thriving business and enjoy the rest of your life, too.
  • Why self-care and respecting your body’s natural rhythms are crucial for doing your best creative, service-oriented work. 

Resources for this Episode:

  • Not sure where to take your business next? Looking for more money, fulfillment, or freedom? Take my free, 2-minute Business Assessment to find out where you are now & what strategies to implement to take your business where you want to go. 
  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
  • Trello
  • ScheduleOnce

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