Women in the Business Arena™ EP129: Building Rock-Solid Confidence by Learning to Trust Yourself

“We increase trust with ourselves little by little. Because we have to understand that we can trust our capacity for discomfort. We can trust our capacity to live in this world no matter what comes. And that doesn’t happen overnight. It’s skill building.” – Laura Shook-Guzman

Were you bold and confident as a child? Watching little kids on a playground, it seems like most of them know exactly who they are and what they love doing. Even if you weren’t necessarily the loudest or bossiest kid out there, I bet you had a strong instinct for what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what made you feel good. 

So why do so many of us, as adults (and especially as women!), feel like we need to rebuild our confidence from the ground up? Why does society teach us from the moment we’re born to distrust our natural wisdom, curiosity, and knowledge?

“The way towards confidence is often through the suffering, and I think that’s the challenge. We have to feel that pain, and we have to feel in ways we were slighted or hurt, to actually integrate them and to build real confidence.” – Sonya Stattmann

Many of us have been diminished as we’ve gotten older, in our personal lives and in our business pursuits. We’ve been taught that women need to play it safe, that we need more credentials to prove that we’re good enough, and that our bodies, minds, and intuition are all wrong. 

But your confidence – your natural trust in yourself to meet your needs and keep yourself safe, no matter what – isn’t something you have to build on external validation. It’s something you can reclaim and rebuild with dedicated internal work and skill-building. 

Laura and I wanted to explore confidence and self-trust in this week’s episode because we’ve both had an interesting relationship with these concepts throughout our lives. We talk about how confidence often looks different for men and women, how women are often undermined from a young age in their self-knowledge, and how you can slowly reclaim your confidence. We also chat about how women can lift each other up along the way and empower each other while all the other companies and systems of the world catch up with us. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • The overarching difference in confidence between men and women and some explanations for it.
  • How women and girls are taught to distrust themselves from a young age and must reclaim their natural wisdom and confidence.  
  • Why we should empower other women from wherever we are, rather than waiting for systems to change in our favor.
  • Why it’s essential to integrate past hurts if we want to build trust in ourselves again.
  • A three-pronged approach for developing your confidence and how to start small to build self-trust again.

Resources for this Episode:

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