Women in the Business Arena™ EP128: Being More Embodied in Your Business so You can Feel Less Anxious and Overwhelmed

“Your mind is capable of going into that retreat and creating a strategy from which to move forward. But that is coming again from your mental space. And your mental space is using patterns, schemas, definitions, all the things it’s always known. If you suspend that, and you actually do a retreat in which you connect to the presence of what your business energetically is already doing? Let yourself completely connect to that, and let the somatic intelligence, let the body reveal, let the sensations show you, what is coming up for you next.”
– Laura Shook-Guzman

What sensations are you feeling in your body right now? 

Maybe it’s your feet, resting on the ground as you sit at your desk. Maybe you feel your heart pounding because you’re anxiously awaiting an important email. Or maybe your breath is moving in and out slowly because you’ve been quietly journaling and settling in for the day’s work. 

Checking in with the physical sensations you’re feeling in the moment is a great way to feel more embodied. And very rarely do we feel embodied in the business arena, where we’re usually making quick decisions with our brain, getting caught up in the rush of the day, and forgetting that we have a body in the first place. 

“I’m really learning and skill-building with embodying at the same time that I’m using my logic. It doesn’t have to be dissected. We’re used to them being dissected, in a way. So either we’re fully embodied like when we’re meditating or in our yoga class, or we’re fully in our intellectual mind when we’re working. But there is a way to really be in both places.” – Sonya Stattmann

Our bodies have a wealth of information to share with us, but many of us have inadvertently cut ourselves off. We get caught up in our own heads, don’t celebrate our successes, and focus on going harder and faster and figuring out what’s next. 

Today Laura and I wanted to explore the topic of embodiment and what it looks like in a business context. We wanted to talk about what it would feel like if we were to listen to the wisdom our bodies possess about slowing down, being present, and making decisions from a place of groundedness. We also talk about the practical aspects of embodiment, what we like to do to practice it in our own businesses, and why we should rethink how we approach business retreats. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • What embodiment looks like from a health & wellness perspective and what it feels like in a business context. 
  • Practical ways to bring more embodiment to the ways we run our businesses (and why it’s worth it). 
  • How a supportive community can help us as we work to feel more embodied as entrepreneurs. 
  • Why the default for many of us is to get more cerebral and masculine when we face business challenges.
  • What we can do to bring the presence we often gift to clients into moments for ourselves. 
  • Why pausing to truly celebrate where you’ve been and where you’re at can help you feel more embodied. 

Resources for this Episode:

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