Women in the Business Arena™ EP127: The Inevitability of Discomfort (And How to Move Through It)

“Oftentimes, us being willing to embrace our own discomfort leads to a lot of resonation with the people who are aligned. We’re often afraid of showing in the public sphere our discomfort or our imperfection, but oftentimes the people who are aligned, the people we want to work with, they resonate with that honesty and transparency.” – Sonya Stattmann

Building a business is a radically uncomfortable experience. You’re learning new things all the time, meeting and working with different people, and getting to know your fears, insecurities, and anxieties at a deeper level.

When we’re feeling so unsettled and challenged, it’s easy to ask ourselves, “Why am I doing all of this?!” And it’s tempting to move out of discomfort by hiding away, watching Netflix, or otherwise avoiding our feelings. But we can’t avoid them, really – medicating or distracting ourselves from our anxieties and vulnerabilities only temporarily pushes them back.

“My advice is: make time to retreat into the quiet of your mind and the quiet of your body. And ask those deeper questions of: where is the discomfort? Can I feel it in my body? Do I feel it certain places showing up in my work? For me, I really have to step away – I literally have to remove myself sometimes from the day-to-day grind and pull back to get that perspective.” – Laura Shook-Guzman

There are great reasons to sit with our discomfort, and that’s what we’re talking about in today’s episode. Laura and I chat about times we’ve felt uncomfortable in business, how we move through discomfort (rather than trying to go around it), and why this is an inevitable part of growth and entrepreneurship. We also discuss the importance of carving out quiet time for reflection and processing discomfort so we can hold space for the people we serve in our businesses. 

Embracing our own discomfort not only benefits us, but shows the people around us that they can move through challenging experiences, too. And practicing being uncomfortable can bring a newfound sense of confidence and resilience to your life and business – and help you reach new heights.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why discomfort is an inevitable part of the growth and challenge of entrepreneurship. 
  • How society’s perception of discomfort as something to be avoided affects our ability to cope with it. 
  • What we mean when we say we can sit with our discomfort without torturing ourselves.
  • How to start learning to integrate our more challenging feelings rather than shoving them aside.
  • How being willing to sit with our discomfort relates to the masculine and feminine balance of energy in our lives & work.

Resources for this Episode:

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