Women in the Business Arena™ EP125: Reframing Self-Doubt and Normalizing the Shadow Side of Entrepreneurship

“We still have this idea that something needs to be fixed. That if we’re not fully confident, or we’re not on top of things, or we’re not at our best, or we have doubt, that somehow that’s something that needs to be fixed. And that is what I think needs to shift in our paradigm.” – Sonya Stattmann

Self-doubt is something that every single one of us contends with. We see women in our community doubting themselves, their offerings, and their value pretty regularly. Sometimes, self-doubt even makes them sabotage themselves and their businesses. 

Questioning yourself and your work is totally normal, but we often forget this. Periods of change and transition will naturally challenge you and change the shape of your business. The temptation for many of us – whether we’re the one struggling in this period or we’re supporting someone who is – is to jump right to encouragement and rah-rah cheerleading, instead of normalizing these feelings and holding space. 

There’s nothing wrong with holding space for ourselves and each other to remember that feeling self-doubt is a natural – and temporary! – part of this journey. 

“When we start to doubt ourselves as entrepreneurs, it’s important to remember that we were inspired to create something in the world, something that did not exist before, and it was ours to bring to everyone, to the world, to this space. So trust that you’re holding space for that – that people are going to receive the heart that you’re bringing.” – Larua Shook-Guzman

In this episode, Laura and I are exploring the topic of self-doubt and asking if it can be reframed in a more positive light. 

We talk about why self-doubt is such a common emotion for entrepreneurs to feel – especially women – and some of our own experiences with it. We discuss how self-doubt feels in the body, how to get more comfortable sitting with it, and why it’s important to resist the temptation to bury our negative feelings with food, alcohol, or Netflix. 

Laura also shares some grounding techniques that she uses with clients and how community with fellow women entrepreneurs has helped her through some challenging growth periods in her business. And we cap things off with a discussion about the shadow side of entrepreneurship and why the “negative” aspects of business can actually be hugely informative gifts.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why we want to reframe self-doubt and other periods of entrepreneurship that feel confusing, chaotic, or scary.
  • How self-doubt feels in the body and the value of sitting patiently with these feelings – even if it’s just for a minute at a time.
  • Why we need to shift our cultural paradigm that pushes away negative emotions and experiences and normalize them instead.
  • What to remember and what to look for if the world doesn’t understand what you’re building & you feel self-doubt creeping up. 
  • Why the shadow aspects of growth and entrepreneurship have just as much to teach us as the lighter parts.

Resources for this Episode:

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