Women in the Business Arena™ EP124: How to Find the Right Specialist for Your Business Support Team

“Sometimes we assume there’s a huge team behind some of these companies or brands, but they might just be very strategic. They may have a business coach that handles the big piece of the vision. They may automate a lot of the pieces that aren’t high-touch. And then maybe they’re just showing up really fully connected and present with their ideal clients in a sales-funnel that really works.” – Laura Shook-Guzman

A well-chosen specialist can be a huge boost for your business. A social media strategist, lead-generation guru, or top-notch website designer can be one of the most exciting hires we make as entrepreneurs. Hiring a specialist can feel like a signal to ourselves and others that we’ve made it far enough to need some serious support to keep growing and serving clients. 

But you have to be ready to hire a specialist – which means the foundations of your business have to be solid. I’m talking about knowing your ideal client, your offering, how to connect with clients, and how to build your core team. Those are the nuts-and-bolts that make up a successful, sustainable business.

Unless you have those pieces in place, you shouldn’t hire a specialist… especially not because you think they’ll make you look professional (or even just cool!). 

“Specialists are usually hired when you’re much farther in the process – you’ve validated your business, and you know you have a solid foundation.” – Sonya Stattmann

In the last two episodes, Laura and I talked about how to build your business support team by hiring an awesome business coach and finding the right therapist

Today, we’re wrapping up this three-part series with an episode about how (and when, and why) to hire a specialist.

Laura and I chat a bit more about why your business coach and therapist should be the core members of your support team and what you should have in place before you hire a specialist.  We also talk about the importance of building up your extended support network by investing in community, especially in the early days of your business. And we discuss the benefits of coworking spaces, connecting with people in person to build your network, and keeping your team small. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why your business coach and therapist are the two essential team members you should get locked in before hiring additional help.
  • What to look for in a community, and why you should surround yourself with like-minded people who understand what you’re going through as a business owner, parent, etcetera.
  • Why you should invest in a coworking space when you’re in the early days of your business. 
  • How business owners end up out of sequence as they build their businesses and end up spending money on things that could wait.
  • Why you probably don’t need a VA, or social media strategist, or other specialist until you have your business foundations locked down.

Resources for this Episode:

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