Women in the Business Arena™ EP101: Tips for Navigating Nomadic Life as a Family With Ed Stattmann

“There’s an opportunity for growth with every experience. You’ve got to be open to that growth and willing to take on the opportunities it presents.”
- Ed Stattmann (18:43-19:11)

Technology and the changing nature of work have allowed entrepreneurs to embark on nomadic adventures. They’re no longer restricted by location or traditional beliefs and structures around work and family. This is one of the things I focus on with the clients I work with...the ability to live their life anywhere in the world. 

Along with the incredible experiences that come with nomadic living, challenges are inevitable. This is especially true when you have a family. You have to get skilled at adapting to new environments and trying to make every place feel like home. Knowing how to navigate those unexpected hurdles is crucial to being able to fully experience the nomadic lifestyle while continuing to grow as a family and as a business. 

My husband Ed and I are blessed to be living the nomadic life as a family. We have gained insights into what it means to create new identities and ways of thinking while making sure that our family’s needs are being met and supported along the way. 

“You can never fully prepare for everything you’ll experience on whatever journey you embark on.”
- Ed Stattmann (3:37-3:47)

As entrepreneurs, we tend to become used to having a sense of control. That desire to be more in control may have even been one of the reasons you began a business in the first place. When you are travelling all the time, you have to learn to let go of control. Things that are beyond your control inevitably arise when living somewhere new. It’s impossible to be fully prepared when you take the leap into a nomadic lifestyle. The best way to adapt to this truth is to learn how to be fully present, allowing yourself to be in the moment, wherever you are. 

Difficulties, both expected and unforeseen, are part of the adventure of nomadic living. Focusing on that feeling of being out of control is guaranteed to bring a sense of overwhelm. Instead, when we take the time to reframe each situation and look for the opportunity within each circumstance, challenges can become opportunities. What can you take away from the challenges that come with nomadic living? How can you use each one to fuel your relationship to your business, your partner, and your entire family? 

Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities of Nomadic Living

Travelling the world brings an abundance of joy and pleasure, but there’s also the reality of having to feel uncomfortable at times, shift your identity, and create something new. Nomadic living presents us with an opportunity to redefine ourselves while being present and appreciating whatever comes. The nomadic lifestyle allows you to be free of your identity. Adopting a new identity can be exciting, emotional, and scary at the same time.

While individual identities are shifting, the family identity grows and evolves as well. It is important to get clear on individual needs as well as those of the entire family. Every family member has unique strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered. Acknowledge those strengths and creating a supportive environment where everyone can communicate whatever challenges they may be facing. 

“We need to look at what freedom really is and the price we pay for freedom.” - Sonya Stattmann (20:15-20:22)

Nomadic living gives the freedom to make the choices and create the change you want in life. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Who do I really want to be?” Who you’ve been and how you’ve done things in the past isn’t necessarily how it has to be in the future. 

Nomadic Living and Teamwork 

Living in a new place can bring friction in our relationships. When challenges arise between you and your partner, communication is key. The best way to navigate these challenges is to practice responding without reacting or judging. Listening is an essential skill in any relationship. It’s even more important when couples try to navigate a new lifestyle, location, and work life. Taking the time to hear your partner’s needs and adjust accordingly is essential to long-term success in business and at home. 

It is crucial for partners to work as a team when living the nomadic life. Avoid operating only from the head. Instead, eliminate preconceived ideas so you can work from the heart. You have the power to decide how you’re going to experience each and every moment. Trying to control, prepare, and resist gets in the way of your ability to lean into life. The better you are at diving into your new nomadic life, the more rewarding your experience and relationships will be. 

Nomadic living is a life-changing experience, that is teaching us so much about ourselves, our family, and the world. While it is clear that there are unique challenges that arise in the midst of this adventure, the rewards and experience are so worth it! 

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