Reclaim 2020- A Powerful Virtual Event

 How are you CHOOSING to wrap up 2020? Will it be a write-off or a massive win? 

Right now, you are standing at a precipice. You can stay where you are now (just surviving, on hold or stuck) or you can create what you REALLY want. It is in your reach! But you have to grab it.

I have spent most of 2020 getting grounded, redefining everything and dealing with the vast amount of changes and transformation happening in the world. It has been a crazy year! But we can't continue to put our lives, creations and dreams on hold. Now more than every, we have to determine what we want and spark our motivation to create it. 

This inspired me to create a 1-day event (and online mini-course) to support women around the world to kickstart their momentum again and make 2020 their best year yet! 

A few of the things you will learn + pre-event topics you can start today!

  • How to ignite your desire & why this is the fuel to have everything you want

  • Recognizing the difference between what you "think" you want & what you really want

  • Creating MORE than you ever imagined

  • How to get clarity on your goals & vision - work, life and/or business

  • How to dissolve limitations, doubt & fear

  • Unlocking your full potential - and it isn't what you think

  • The right environment & foundation to create easily with minimal effort & no "work"

  • Accessing your motivation & building your momentum for success

  • Making it happen - the fast path to creating what you want... AND SO MUCH MORE!!

It has been years since I have offered anything besides my long-term coaching programs. It has always required thousands of dollars to access my work. This is a rare offer to experience what I have been offering to my clients for years. You don’t want to miss it, especially at the early bird price.

Check out the full details of the course below at