School is back in full swing and we are quickly sliding into the end of the year! This means it is a perfect time to lean back into your work before the holidays. Join me for Office Hours on October 28th (USA) and 29th (Australia) – and ask me whatever business question is on your mind. I’ll draw on my 20 years of experience working with women-owned service businesses to help you find your way forward. What would you ask your business coach if you were paying them? You can get those answers for free once a month in Office Hours, so be sure to take advantage! Want to ask a question but don’t want to do it live? Email or message me privately and I’ll answer your question without using your name or personal details, so you can stay anonymous.

WHERE: Women in the Business Arena Facebook Group 
DATE & TIME: October 28th, Monday, 6:30PM CDT (US), October 29th, Tuesday, 10:30AM AEST (Sydney)

You will need to join the Facebook group to have access to the live interview.

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