Are you feeling your momentum & energy already slipping into holiday mode?

Many business owners start to lose momentum at this point in the year. They’ve been working hard, the holidays are approaching, and they’re anticipating a slow down.

You might find yourself thinking, “Nobody is interested in my services as we approach the holidays.” Or, “I might as well just take off from now until the New Year as it is going to be slow.”

This mindset needs a big shift. 

This is actually the perfect time of year to build up momentum, so that it can carry you into an amazing New Year. 

Here’s what happens to so many women I’ve worked with: They lose momentum in November and slow way down in December. They focus on surviving the holidays, family and the kids being off of school. It isn’t until February that they finally have the focus to dive back into their business and it takes months to get their momentum up again. Consistent sales don’t pick up until March or April.

This is not an ideal or sustainable way to run your business. It’s much easier - and less stressful! - to keep things going instead of having to get your business moving again after a break.

You don’t want to miss this month’s FREE event. I am going to show you how to start your planning now to survive the holidays and have an amazing start to the new year.

WHERE: Women in the Business Arena Facebook Group 
DATE & TIME: November 21, 2019, Thursday, 5:00PM CST (US) | November 22, 2019, Friday, 10:00AM AEST (Sydney/Melbourne)

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