If you are satisfied with your life and business now, don't read any further.

If you know you need to change things in your business to create more fulfilment, freedom and financial success, then I have an important message for you.


I am going to be honest, but I imagine you already know this...running your own business is no picnic. It isn’t rainbows and unicorns. You don’t get to financial success and fulfilment without putting in a lot of effort. I don't believe in overnight success or passive income. What I do believe in is a much higher return on effort than most women are getting in their business. 


Most business owners are putting effort into the wrong areas of your business. 


They are putting 80% of their time, energy and money into the wrong things and only 20% into the right things. What could you do with all that extra time, energy and money?


I work with women who are amazing at what they do, and this is one of the challenges. They keep thinking they SHOULD know how to get there. They beat themselves up for not being more successful on their own. They think if they just keep going, put more effort in or work harder they will get to their ultimate goals...and they have BIG goals.


The women I work with want to have impact in the world, they want to change the status quo, and they want to contribute to others people's success. They want to do good in the world, but they are keeping themselves small.


Does this sound like you?


I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of businesses over the last two decades, and in the time I have found the simplest and most effective strategies that bring success. Sometimes it is a small pivot that will bring your business massive results. Sometimes it requires an overhaul and a path back to simplicity.


I help women streamline their business so they can have and create MORE! 




I have worked with women for almost two decades to address the real and underlying issues getting in the way of their business success.


I have combined my most effective coaching practices into my WOMEN IN THE ARENA™ program and they are specifically tailored to women struggling with their service business.


Here are a few reasons why this program works better than other coaching programs out there:


  • We focus on actions that really matter for impact. The whole program is about simplifying your business structure, your focus and your mindset so you can succeed.
  • It includes working with both your business structures and your mindset, because you can't succeed without addressing both areas. 
  • This program has been tested, evaluated and adjusted over almost two decades of actual hands-on work with women in business.
  • It includes the best of all formats: personal and customized coaching, online training and group connection. It means you get both the support of my direct guidance and a kick-ass environment. 
  • I offer real strategies and skills that help you create the life and work you want over and over again. It is built on timeless principles that don't shift with a new industry trend or the next marketing fade. This means what you build will be sustainable. 

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How does the WOMEN IN THE ARENA program work?


My coaching program has three really important components...



1. Sequence

There is a specific sequence that leads to more success. You don't harvest the food before you have planted the seeds. One of the reasons so many women are struggling in business is because they have things out of order. Through this program, you will put things back in order so you are focused on the right actions to get results. This is one of the main reasons my clients experience more results and create more impact. 

2. Foundation

I am always amazed at how many long-term businesses are missing their business foundations. They have tried to get right to marketing, branding and lead generation without making sure they have a solid foundation to build on. This foundation includes things like a very specific target market, a high-priced package and a sales process. We handle all of this very quickly so you build your business on solid ground.


3. Mindset

The internal work we do is the most important part of my program. Most people are stuck because of their mindset and internal roadblocks. We can't even begin to talk about success and impact without addressing mindset. I am skilled at getting to the good stuff and uncovering what is really getting in your way. The best part of my program is that it includes internal work and the necessary business strategy to carry you all the way to success.

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A few real Success Stories

I have a new life!

“I keep referring to myself as Lacie 2.0. Things are really good- not someday maybe in the future when I get x, y, and z done… they are REALLY GOOD RIGHT NOW. I haven’t worked a single weekend hour in the last two months. Many weeks since then I’ve also taken a complete Friday and/or Monday off too. Everything is still getting done. The important things. I could not have done it without you.”

Lacie Taylor
Math for Keeps

A few other success stories

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"Sonya is a fantastic mix of business brains and spiritual ethos. As a success strategist, she's helped me create a roadmap for my business and provide a very authentic approach to how to run it successfully by always reminding myself of the reason I'm in business. Her approach is clear and focused, helping you not only during a session but on an ongoing basis to ensure that it's effective and keeps you accountable."

Soumya Rao Indurti

CEO and Inbound Marketer

Connect Labs

“I felt very out of control, like a car without a driver. Sonya Stattmann changed the course of my business last year. In such a short space of time, I gained a better understanding of where I wanted to go and how to go about it. Sonya has a real knack of getting you to open up, dig deeper and really tackle the things that are holding you back. I have continued to work with Sonya as her clear-cut advice and her years of experience in business is invaluable. She has been there and done it and knows exactly what you are going through. I can't recommend her enough."

Joyce De Bakker
Virtual Operations Manager
Joyce De Bakker