Are you ready to get clear about your next steps in business, work or life?

We can't make aligned decisions or reach success in any area of our life without clarity. Lack of clarity leads to LESS than what we want & deserve. I actually believe that clarity is already inside of you, we just have to unpack what is in the way of your insight, wisdom & inner compass.  


Let's work together to find a clear path to the life & work you want!

The Problem 


Why most people struggle with clarity



Most people are looking for clarity in the wrong places. They try to "figure" it out, get guidance from others or look to their past for the answers. 


Clarity is a direct perception of YOUR truth. It can't be found through logic or analysis. It can't be found in someone else's experience or wisdom. It has to be found within you. 


Getting to a state of clarity requires a different set of tools & skills that are not abundantly taught in the world. 

The Solution 


How I help you find clarity



I am in my 3rd decade of helping women find clarity in their careers, businesses and life. What I have learned over that time period is how to clear a path for clarity & women's wisdom.  


I help women get clear about what they want, what they REALLY want. I help them reach for more wealth, fulfillment & freedom. 


Then I help them unpack & dissolve what is in the way of their desires. We dive into mindset, behaviors, habits, motivations and anything else in the way of clarity, action & manifestation. 

I honestly couldn't have achieved the alignment that I feel right now without you!" 


"Through your Women in the Arena program and your guidance, it allowed me to uncover who I really am, which sounds like a big statement, but that's exactly what its been like. I think once I let go of who I thought I should be, I could create space for who I really am." Listen to my client's full interview here


~ Belinda Haan, Founder at The Motherhood Gathering

Do we fit?

There are countless life, career & business coaches out there, and each of us offers different approaches, perspectives and skills.


I believe in a “best fit only” rule. If we aren’t a “best fit” for each other, it won’t work. 

Who I am a best fit for

✔ You are ready for clarity & the next steps to your BEST future.

✔ You are ready to stretch for more wealth, fulfillment & freedom!

✔ You want a wholistic approach to success that balances your work & your life.

✔ You are internally motivated to create change in yourself & the world.

✔ You aren't afraid to dive in deep and pull out the roots of what is getting in the way of your growth & clarity.

✔ You are kind, humble & coachable.

✔ You are willing to invest time, energy & money in yourself & your future.

✔ You want long-term, sustainable growth, personally & professionally.

✔ You are committed to showing up in the world & being both anti-sexist & anti-racist.

✔ You want 1:1 coaching but also love that I add a group and training component.

Who I am not a best fit for

✔ You are looking for a quick fix and aren't willing to do the work it takes for permanent transformation.

✔ You have to have outside pressure to be motivated.

✔ You want success at any cost.

✔ You like to hustle & wear it like a badge. 

✔ You need constant accountability to get anything done.

✔ You are not willing to grow, you just want someone to give you the answers.

✔ You are not willing to invest time, energy & money in your future.

✔ You are impatient, arrogant and/or not coachable.

✔ You hate self-development, doing inner work or looking at yourself.

✔ You are NOT committed to showing up in the world & being both anti-sexist & anti-racist.

✔ You want a one-off session or a group only mastermind. 

A very important part of my program is self-development & leadership

You can't get clear about your direction & reach higher levels of success without self-development & leadership development. 


Over the last several decades, I have found that 99% of life & work challenges stem from these two areas (self-development and leadership). 


Every woman I know struggles with their value and worth. When we dive into creating a wealth mindset, it requires some deep self-development work to really make a change. It can be hard to step into your value and worth, set better boundaries, figure out what you really want and then take the steps to achieve it.


Self-development and leadership are hard because they require you to confront your fear, your limitations and your true self. There is no way around this part, which is why I learned a long time ago that all my coaching had to include it. 


If you have a service business and want to take your business to the next level, you might want to check out my business program.  


Before you reach out to me, I want to make sure we are on the same page. If you are open to diving into both self-development & leadership...let's talk!  

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