I don't want to waste your time...these are the criteria for getting the most from my Growth Quiz!

- You have a service business delivering to clients 
- You have been in business 1-10+ years 
- You want MORE from your business - whether that is money, clients, fulfillment or freedom
- You love (or want to love) what you do and you are in business for the long run, not just for quick wins
- You want good financial returns, but you also care about balance (you want a life too)
- You need to streamline your time, energy and efforts

Take this free Business Growth Quiz

Which of these most reflects your current experience with your IDEAL target market?
Which answer below best describes your current services?
How do you feel about your current pricing structure?
How do you REALLY feel about sales?
How are you when it comes to your messaging and communication?
Which BEST reflects your marketing knowledge & efforts?
How sustainable is your current business model? Does it have potential to scale?
Which BEST describes the way you manage your attention and energy on a daily basis?
How aligned is your business with your gifts and genius? FEEL for the best description.
How much do you get in your own way? Be honest ;D
9 questions remain

Why taking my growth quiz is worth it!

I have seen too many women in service businesses exhaust themselves or burn out because they tried to grow their business in the wrong way. There is a right way to grow your business and a proper sequence that will lead to more success. 

Whether you are in your first year of business or your 10th, this assessment helps you look at the key stages of business growth so you KNOW what will accelerate your results. 

This FREE Growth Quiz is a powerful diagnostic tool. It will help you pinpoint where you need to put your efforts first so you can optimize your service business and have more success NOW. 

These are the questions I have used over the past few decades in my work with women. It only takes a few minutes. It WILL be worth your time. 

I will also be honest, it is a general assessment tool and YOU are unique. If you want more detailed, "human" answers, skip this assessment and apply for a call directly with me. I have worked with thousands of women and diagnosed even more business challenges. I can quickly determine what you need to do next and why. 

Either way, I wish you the best! Business is an amazing journey.