Luckily, I have a system for women in business that was designed for these times.


For decades I have been helping women navigate challenging business situations while balancing kids, other obligations or full-time jobs.


I have been helping women step into their full potential, build resiliency and creatively innovate their business models. I have supported women to streamline their businesses and build skills that help them work less but make more. I have set my clients up to be prepared for big changes (exactly like what we are dealing with right now).


I combine the best of practical and simple business strategies with self-development and leadership skills. I also teach women to operate their business in a way that brings more alignment, fulfillment and balance.


If you are ready for the kind of support that will take you and your business to the next level, learn more.


Hands-on Experience


Thousands of women changed, 

20+ years in the trenches, 

Podcast, TEDx talk & lots of shared wisdom


A Powerful Ecosystem


1:1 coaching combined with  

Group components &  

Online training


Integrated philosophy


Business development, 

Self-development, and  

Leadership development all in one

Women in the Business Arena

For women in service businesses, do you need help with...


✔ Determining your niche, high-value offer or pricing
✔ Authentic sales + more conversions
✔ Operating your business sustainably & avoiding burnout
✔ Scaling without losing integrity or your high value
✔ Confidence, setting boundaries & communicating your value

✔ Defining your path to more meaning and impact



Women Changing the Arena

For women in leadership positions, do you need help with...


✔ Clarifying your big vision and direction
✔ Breaking your internal glass ceilings
✔ Improving your leadership & communication skills
✔ Optimizing & managing your energy and performance
✔ Confidence, imposter syndrome & owning your power
✔ Building a message and platform that has more impact






I have worked with a lot of women over the last two decades, and in my TEDx talk, I shared some of the lessons I learned about what it takes to succeed. Empowering women in the world starts with empowering ourselves. I share with you some of my greatest life experiences, a client case study and the powerful lessons I have learned in working with women. 





Strategies, Tips and Smart Tools for Leaders

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We usually talk about the emotional journey of entrepreneurship on the podcast, but we wanted to change it up this week and talk about some more technical aspects of business: sales and marketing. If sales and marketing stress you out, don’t walk away yet - we’re breaking things down into their component parts today and making them simpler.
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Everyone wants to be a thought leader, but there are so many ideas about what it actually means to be one. To me, thought leadership must be developed over years of practice and experience. It’s practiced. Tested. Validated.
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“If you want to succeed in business, you really have to be comfortable with the unknown." Did you catch my interview on the Survivor's Guide to Thriving podcast? We talked about some of the strategies you need to use if you are navigating a male-dominated industry, how men can support the women in their lives and many other topics around women in business.
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