I help coaches, consultants and other services providers build a solid foundation for their business...

...that is sustainable, more aligned with their mission and doesn't compromise their integrity. 


Right now in the world, I see too many women struggling in their business because they have been taught marketing tactics that don't work anymore, business strategies that don't align with their values and methods of promotion that require them to be out of integrity with their true nature. 


I absolutely believe that ALL women in business need to simplify their lives and business models to create more income and impact, but they also need to create more alignment between who they are and how they operate their business. I teach women to build businesses that change the world, but through the process, they change themselves.


I have spent almost two decades in the business arena, focused on helping women succeed. My mission is to help more women effectively navigate the arena so they can lead. We need women's wisdom and financial success to shift the business world and to create a ripple effect globally.


I have created a program that combines all of my best insights, wisdom and experience. My Women in the Arena™ program is effective, powerful and will change the way you experience your business and yourself. Find out more about my program...here



I have worked with a lot of women over the last two decades, and in my TEDx talk, I shared some of the lessons I learned about what it takes to succeed. Empowering women in the world starts with empowering ourselves.



The latest success strategies for women in business.

Tips and tools that go beyond traditional business coaching and help you kick ass in the arena.

Can we talk about legitimacy? What do you think makes you LEGITIMATE as a business owner, an expert, a facilitator, a coach, a consultant, a wellness practitioner? I had a very interesting conversation this week with someone in PR. They basically told me that in order to be legitimate in the eyes of media you need to PROVE your legitimacy. Fair enough. They want to make sure they are backing a real expert. I totally get this, but here is what really got under my skin: what reflects legitimacy is making millions of dollars in your business.
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Today, I am talking about shifting your focus to ON your business on a weekly basis to see what is and isn't working for you. For consultants, coaches, graphic designers and anyone who wants to package all of their amazing expertise into a high-value package.
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Misconceptions about the business arena are leading to disturbing trends. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are intrigued by the idea of running their own business. They are excited by the opportunities that a business can provide for them, and the freedom and lifestyle benefits they can enjoy. The appeal of the entrepreneurial life has led to many people rushing out of their traditional nine-to-five jobs in search of better options.
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