I help coaches, consultants and other services providers streamline their business for more income & impact.

I work with women who have a mission in the world. They want to use their expertise to create more impact, but also experience financial success and freedom. I help women streamline their businesses so they create more return on their effort and ultimately have more income and impact. I take my clients through the proper sequence of building their business, so they stop experiencing overwhelm or chaos and simplify their focus and systems. 


I have spent almost two decades in the business arena, focused on helping women succeed. My mission is to help more women effectively navigate the arena so they can lead. We need women's wisdom and financial success to shift the business world and to create a ripple effect globally.


I have created a program that combines all of my experience. I have a process that works with both business structures and mindset because you cannot succeed without building skills in both areas. My Women in the Arena™ program is effective, powerful and will change the way you experience your business and yourself. Find out more about my program...here



I have worked with a lot of women over the last two decades, and in my TEDx talk, I shared some of the lessons I learned about what it takes to succeed. Empowering women in the world starts with empowering ourselves.



The latest success strategies for women in business.

Tips and tools that go beyond traditional business coaching and help you kick ass in the arena.

Here is one of the really important things I have learned over the last twenty years in business and on my self-development path: information, education and knowledge do NOT lead to transformation ... it requires integration. This is the mistake I see so many people make, they constantly fill themselves with information and education and fail to give themselves space for integration. What do I mean by integration? It means making the ideas and concepts a part of you, integrated into your daily life, your being, your habits.
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Today, I am talking about shifting your focus to ON your business on a weekly basis to see what is and isn't working for you. For consultants, coaches, graphic designers and anyone who wants to package all of their amazing expertise into a high-value package.
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Women for centuries have been moving out of their own alignment, out of their own gifts and intuition, in order to accommodate others and to succeed in a very patriarchal world. I have definitely seen this as a theme in business. So many women are exhausting themselves trying to run their business out of alignment with themselves. I decided a long time ago that I was done moving for anyone else, but recently it is something I have been thinking about a lot more. This is really the core of my mission…I want to provide a path for women to trust themselves, to honour their unique gifts and to learn to STOP MOVING.
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