What can I do to help you shift your work and life?

Ask the right questions and help you navigate the steps
to getting where you want to go.

What do you actually want?
What is REALLY standing in your way?
What are the steps to getting where you want to go?
How good are you at setting boundaries?
Are you owning your value and charging enough?
Where do you step out of your power?
How have you been defining success, and how do you want to experience it?
What is the right career or business for you?

What I do isn’t rocket science. In fact, it is only a little bit of science and a lot more of an art form. I have been asking questions, getting to the truth of the situation and helping people navigate the arena for almost two decades now. I have honed my skills over those years and learned to practice every tool and strategy I teach.

My experience is important, because what you are deciding is important.

Changing your direction, putting your whole heart into something new, taking a risk and stepping into the arena, is not something that should be taken lightly. I actually know what it takes to create work you love!

Every day for the last 17 years, I have been in the arena, facing my own fears and strengthening my courage and determination. My work on myself is as important as the work I do with you. It means you can trust me to help you navigate the terrain. I have had multiple businesses, failed and succeeded, fought for the rights of women, travelled the world teaching self-development courses, had a failed marriage and a really good one, navigated single parenthood and built a community of amazing women. I have a diverse background that gives me a broad view of how to truly help women achieve real success. If you want to know more about my experience and my journey…click here.

I work with you to get clear on what you want and where you are going.

If you aren’t clear on what you really want, there is no way you can reach real success. Whether you need to change careers, create a business or step up in what you are currently doing, we look at your next steps and also what is standing in your way.

Then you have to learn effective strategies for navigating the arena.

These are the strategies most people don’t teach. You can google thousands of strategies on how to market your business or to interview for a job, but they don’t actually teach you how to step into your power, how to set boundaries or the steps to creating real success. A lot of business strategies are superficial, they will inspire you or give you quick wins, but they won’t create real change or sustainable success.

To create real success:

    • You have to learn strategies that lead to more confidence.
    • You have to learn to set boundaries and really own your value.
    • You have to know when you are stepping out of your power.
    • You have to learn to operate from clarity rather than overwhelm.
    • You have to stop settling for what is “good enough” and start demanding what is best.

I teach the strategies that lead to fulfilment, freedom and real success!

A few powerful ways to work with me.


I work with women business owners to help them succeed in business without compromising who they are and what they want. Over the last 17 years, I have seen far too many business owners either struggle for success or burn themselves out to achieve success. I believe in building a business that is fulfilling, financially successful and sustainable. These strategy sessions are effective and will help you streamline your business for more success. These sessions are designed to help you:

    • Refine where you are going and why.
    • Define or get more clarity on your target market, positioning and business model.
    • Re-focus on the steps that will create more sustainable success.
    • Streamline and re-align your business.
    • Plus determine your next steps.

It is both a strategy session and a discovery session. These one-on-one sessions are custom designed because no two people or businesses are alike. What makes my sessions unique is that they deal with more than surface issues or short-term strategies. We get to the heart of who you are, what is standing in your way and your path for long-term, sustainable success.

I offer a 3-hour 1/2 day session for $995 (+ GST for Australian Residents) or a 6-hour full day session for $1895 (+ GST for Australian Residents).


If you are ready to change your career or are considering a pivot into your own business, I want to help you BEFORE you take the leap. I don’t believe in leaping into the arena; my goal is to help you walk into the arena confident, grounded and prepared for what you will face. My initial Career Strategy Session will help you:

    • Determine the right direction for your work and life
    • Define your goals and what will deeply fulfil you
    • Deal with current issues in the way of pivoting your career into something you love
    • Set boundaries, own your value or access more courage to step into the arena
    • Determine if your business idea or career plan is feasible and likely to succeed.
    • Create a transition plan if necessary while you work on the long-term strategy to make the change

I custom design this one-on-one session to fit your goals and objectives. Once we look at a plan and next steps, I offer a longer-term program to assist you to sustainably pivot your career without leaping.

I offer a 90-minute session for $495 (+ GST for Australian Residents).


If you are already operating your business, you are currently in the arena. This 90-day group program is all about support for navigating the real challenges that come up in business. The truth is that running a business is tough, and it is usually the subtle challenges we face that stop us from success. We address the issues you won’t hear about in most business programs.
Some of the topics we tackle in real time (when you need them):

    • Getting unstuck
    • Maintaining clarity
    • Discerning between tough choices
    • Staying on track
    • Setting boundaries
    • Building confidence
    • Navigating the marketing realm and what you really need to know
    • Focus and prioritising
    • Sustainability and financial success

I offer two groups, one for business beginners and one for those that are more advanced. I'll help you determine the best group for you. Programs start at $495 a month for three months.

I've helped hundreds of women across the globe create more real success

Here are just a few examples of what it is like working with me:


Joyce De Bakker • Virtual Operations Manager


Felicity Ford • Director

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IS IT TIME TO STEP UP OR OUT OF YOUR business or career?