When is it time to scale your business and move from chaos to even greater success? This is a question I get asked often, so this month we are addressing it in our mastermind. As a special treat, I am bringing in a small panel of experts to help you look at what you need to do to streamline your business and step up to the next level.

We will be looking at a few of these areas:

  • The right time in your business to scale
  • The structures and parts of your business that need to be stable before you scale
  • Some of the marketing strategies that will help you grow your business
  • Branding elements that will help take your business to the next level
  • Some of the software programs you should be using when it is time to step up
  • And some of the areas you need to be delegating in order to reach greater success

The panel and I will offer some tips and perspectives, and then we will handle some of your real life challenges and questions.

WHEN: MARCH 21, 12pm - 1:30pm


WHERE: One Roof, 77-79 City Road, Southbank (opposite the Eureka Tower)

Once or twice a month, I host One Roof Women's weekly mastermind in Melbourne, Australia, to give business owners a sneak peek of my WOMEN IN THE ARENA™ program. I choose specific topics that I have seen business owners struggle with and offer some of the tips and tricks I have taught over the last 17 years of working with women in the arena. This is a great way for you to get a free taste of my work and experience my beloved community at One Roof Women. In addition to participating in the mastermind, you can sign up to get a free co-working trial at One Roof Women.

One Roof Women was co-created by Sheree Rubinstein & Gianna Wurzl in early 2015 with a vision to build the largest global network of female entrepreneurs. One Roof has morphed into an entire ecosystem, supporting women & girls at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

IS IT TIME TO STEP UP OR OUT OF YOUR business or career?