1902 Club March Meetup: How to ask for what you want!

This month we are tackling the juicy topic of Asking for What you Want! Whether it is in the boardroom, your business or the bedroom, asking for what you want can be challenging and vulnerable.

As women, we struggle to effectively communicate what we want. I have seen this contribute to getting passed up for promotion or proposals. When we can't communicate what we want, we can't expect others to give us what we want.

This is about being bolder and more confident in your value. Asking for what we want is a skill that can be practised and mastered. In true 1902 Club fashion, we are going to discuss and explore perspectives.


Sonya Stattmann will be facilitating and asking the bold question

  • How do we really ask for what we want?
  • How do we navigate the vulnerability and fear that comes up?
  • How do we risk losing our jobs, clients or relationships?
  • Where is the line between settling too much and effectively compromising?
  • How can we set boundaries so that we get more of what we want and stop letting others walk all over us?
  • How do we even determine what we really want?

You don’t want to miss this month’s 1902 Club. It will be bold and incredibly rewarding.

Come join us for a great discussion, drinks and nibbles!

WHEN: Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 6.30pm - 8:30pm
WHERE: One Roof Women, 77-79 City Road, Southbank
COST: $25 (includes light refreshments)
1 ticket per purchase - Limit of 16 attendees


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